Stamping Technique ~ Pencil Eraser

Wanting to learn a new technique?  Have you ever tried using pencil eraser to create your design?  Well let me show you.  It is a fun way to change things up and create new look.

There is the end result then I will walk you through the steps.

Pencil Eraser Card

So to crate this card start with a stencil.  I used my Silhouette to cut the shapes of the balloons.  Then using a bit of drafting tape (it is similar to masking but not as sticky so it lifts off the paper without tearing) adhere the stencil to the the paper.  Then using the eraser to apply apply the ink stamp the circles starting with the center balloon.

Pencil Eraser 1

Then align the outer balloons so that a small edge of the first balloon is showing.  When the eraser and inking over the stencil the small edge will not be stamped.

Pencil Eraser_2

Here are all three stencils and the final stamped image.

Pencil Eraser_3

You can use this process for any design you wish to create.

Happy Crafting!


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