Growth Chart

I know that I usually post paper crafts; however, I just finished making a growth chart for my son and I just had to share.  I have been wanting to purchase one for a while but I could not find the one I loved.  On Friday morning I got to thinking maybe I could just make one….. So I went to Pinterest of  course to start looking for DIY growth charts.  I was inspired and set off shopping.

I purchased a 10″ X 2″ x 8′ piece of wood that I had them cut to 6′.  I purchased my paint, hangers, wood letters for his name, and wooden cars and trucks.  I had originally planned to just hand paint cars and trucks on the piece but when I saw all the cute ones at the craft stores already painted, I decided to save myself some time.

So the first thing I did was to paint about 4 coats of navy blue paint on the board.  Next I mounted the hangers like so:

Gavin's Growth Chart 6 - Version 2

I then went a head in hung the wood on the wall.  This way I could mark the feet and inches based on how far it was off the ground, instead of trying to hang it at a very exact height.  Once is was on the wall I took a measuring tape and marked one foot with a piece of vinyl.

Gavin's Growth Chart 3 - Version 2

I used my Silhouette to cut rectangles out of vinyl for the numbers, inch and foot marks. I then took it off the wall and using a measuring tape placed all the tick marks for inches and feet running up the left side.  I then glued the painted letters and cars for a final project.Gavin's Growth Chart 8 - Version 2 (1)


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