Christmas Cards ~ Studio J Style

Have you finished sending out your Christmas cards?  Don’t panic if you haven’t as you still have time.  I am wrapping up mine as we speak.  Last year I made over 200 cards for my husband and our personal cards.  This year the number stays the same but I turned to Studio J for the bulk of my cards.  I did still create all of the cards, but most of them were photo cards this year.  I wanted to share with you my Studio J cards as they are a fun and easy way to make cards for Holidays, Birthday invitations and Parties.

Studio J ~ Christmas Cards ~ Jingle & Mistletoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comThe way I did these is using the No Limits pattern and I designed 3 different two page layouts then just printed multiple copies.  I was able to get four of the 4 X 8″ cards on each 12×12″ layout using the Jingle paper collection.  For the Believe cards I was able to get six 4×6″ cards per layout and used the Mistletoe paper collection.

Studio J ~ Christmas Cards ~ Believe ~ Studio J Christmas Cards ~ Believe ~

These are both using the Believe paper collection.  I did change the blue polka-dot paper to the red and green by unchecking the full color under the pattern papers and selecting the color I wanted them to be.  I love this feature as it helps to give you more options.

I love the way I was able to design so many different cards some fun and some more traditional.

Happy Crafting!

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Calendar Gifts with Studio J Part 2

Are you ready for two more months from my 2016 Calendars?  If you missed my post from Wednesday you can check it out HERE. Every year for Christmas I design four calendars, three are gifts and one to keep.  I was so excited to see how Amy Ulen designed her calendar using Studio J at Convention this year.  I really like our new My Creations Calendar Z3184 and it works perfectly with a new In Review C1622 stamp set.

2016 Calendar July ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comAmy Ulen shared her JPGs that had the months of the year and then I designed all the 12 x 12 layouts using the Zoe Papers.  However if you notice there are two Sorbet pattern papers but in the Zoe paper pack there is only one.  2016 Calendar July top ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comIf you notice the one I used as the base is actually Slate in the true Zoe paper pack.  So you may be asking how did I get it to be Sorbet?  Take a look at this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.17.51 AMYou can actually change the color of the pattern papers from full color to one of the colors in the paper pack.  Pretty nifty right???

2016 Calendar Dec ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comI really love the idea of using photos for Holidays and special occasions.

2016 Calender December ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comI used mostly the No Limits pattern in Studio J to create my layouts but you can certainly use any of the pattern.  I am so pleased the way these turned out and look forward to designing next years.

Happy Crafting!

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Calendar Gifts with Studio J Part 1

I have another gift idea I wanted to share with you.  I have been making a calendar every year for the past 10 plus years.  I started making one for the grandparents too four years ago.  I have done kits, designed my own and also used Shutterfly/Snapfish/Vista print.  I much prefer to do them myself but as you know that can be time consuming if you are completing four.

Well my problems were solved while I was at convention this year.  Amy Ulen who is so talented with Studio J shared a calendar she created using Studio J.  Brilliant!!! Create once print 4, then assemble 4!  Amy was also kind enough to share her JPGs files for the month titles, so all I had to do was the scrapbook page for each month.  I was able to get this done over Thanksgiving and now I am assembling.  I am going to share two of my months with you today and then another two on Friday.

2016 Calendar Jan ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbookingHere is my January.  I love how big the day squares are with our My Creations Calendar Z3184.  The new Year in Review C1622 stamp set works perfectly for those numbers.

2106 Calendar January ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comSo my whole calendar is using the Zoe paper pack.  Now if you know the Zoe paper you are probably asking right now where did the two pattern papers I show here come from?  Am I right??? Well the fabulous thing when you use Studio J you can actually change the pattern papers to any of the colors in that paper pack!!! Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.17.51 AMIf you go under paper, then under the pattern paper squares you select one of the other colors instead of full color you will get new pattern papers in the color you select.  So cool right!!

2016 Calendar May ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comFor most of my layouts I used the no limits pattern so I could design everything.  I also added smaller photo with date and events.  I did most of the holidays, birthdays and anniversary.  2016 Calendar May top ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comI really had a fun time creating these and it was so easy!

Stay tuned for my Part 2 of Studio J Calendars.

Happy Crafting!

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