Cleaning your Cricut Mats

I thought I would share with you my experience cleaning my Circut mats.  I actually use Cricut for both my Silhouette and my Cricut.  They work for both machines an the Cricut mats are cheeper than the Silhouette ones.  When using them with my Silhouette I do have to line the paper up differently all the way to the top and far right edge covering up the numbers on the ruler part.  Anyway I have over 10 mats that were not holding my paper well any more so I decided it would be time to see if I could revive these mats.  I have seen a lot of videos and tips on how to clean them from just soap an water to brake cleaner.  I decided to use just soap (Dawn) and water.  This seemed to work for some of the dirt and debris, so I decided to use a magic clean eraser to hope with some of the stubborn stuff.  Well that was the trick to removing the dirt and debris that just soap an water could not get.  Some of my mats had seen a lot of action so once thy dried the did regain some of there sticky need but will need a little help. However, with the mats which were not to overused and did not require a lot of scrubbing with the magic eraser were noticeable more sticky again once they dried. For that mats which need a little more sticky I will used 2 way Zig glue to give them a little added tackiness.

Zig 2 way glue

Here is a before and after photo of one of the mats I cleaned.

Dirty mat

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

After Cleaning

You can see a noticeable improvement to the mat and for this mat the stickiness returned.  You can still see the hexagon cuts on the map as those are due to my Silhouette which seems to cut a bit deeper on the mat than my Cricut.  I have to admit I was spectacle on the results before I tried it, but now I am so happy I took the time to clean these.  They are by no means brand new again but they function a whole lot better than they were prior to my cleaning.

I hope you find this information useful.

Happy crafting!