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Planners Gonna Plan

Have you heard and seen the buzz about the new Close to My Heart Planners???  Well I love organization and planners so I was excited about this new product.  I was able to spend some time working on my planner this weekend.  I really love it!! I love the colors and that it has the week on two pages vs my single page planer I am currently using. I wanted to show you how it looks and how I am using it.

2016 CTMH Planner Month overview ~ CatScrapbooking.comHere is the monthly overview. I used the stickers, washi tape and some of our papers to indicate things on my calendar.  I assigned a color washi tape/sticker for each member of my family and also have one to indicate couple and family time.  I also have my regularly schedule blog hops indicated with various circles and tabs.  This helps me stay up on things.  By the way if you look at some of the tabs you many not recognize some of those papers this is because they are from the soon to be released Penelope Paper pack.2016 CTMH Planner Weekly view 2 ~ CatScrapbooking.comHere is what the weekly overview looks like.  I have the washi/sticker and tabs to indicate the same things on my monthly overview.  I used the new roller stamp to add menu to each day so I can plan my meals all on the same calendar instead of a separate one like I have been using.  I also used the birthday stamp on the roller to indicate a birthday then wrote who next to it.

2016 CTMH Planner Weekly view 1 ~ catscrapbooking.comI have to admit that the area to write to-dos or notes is not big enough for me as I currently uses a to do list for each day then transfer what is not done to the next.  I got creative and decided to create my own to do list and if I want I can change it every month if I want to look at something different.

To do list for 2016 CTMH Planner ~ CatScrapbooking.comHere is a closer look.  I used the Artfully Sent cartridge and created one of the Framed Sleeve Cards #M101055 and cut it at 7.21″ high by 9.73″ wide.  This way I can slide in my to do lists in and change them out as needed. I actually created the inserts using the pocket cards and added the lines in Design Space.  So I just send it to my printer and using a black pen in the first holder I don’t have to draw lines, the Cricut does all the work 🙂  If you are wondering about the adorable flowers well this is another sneak peak at Springtime Wishes Stamp set and cut them using Springtime Wishes thin cuts.  I used my watercolor paper and paints.

To do list for 2016 CTMH Planner detail 2 ~ CatScrapbooking.comHere is a closer look at how they slide in and out.  I am so happy the way this planner is working out that I can’t wait to start using it full time …. Only two more weeks!!!!

Now don’t you want your own??? Well what are you waiting for??? You can order your own 2016 planner now.  During December, you can get your hands on the new, gorgeous Everyday Life™ album from Close To My Heart, the accompanying Everyday Life 2016 planner pages, and the coordinating Everyday Life Perfect Plan roller stamp in an exclusive product bundle for only $29.95. That’s over 15% off the retail price! With the new Everyday Life line, you’ll experience “memory keeping on the go” as you track your water intake, stamp reminders, keep appointments, and tuck away precious memories—plus much more—all at once! This offer is only available while supplies last, so plan to place your order early in the month and start 2016 off right.  Here is the link.

5746b11f-080a-4fef-b07b-3dfbb70306c2I will be sharing some other documents I have been crating to go with my planner like a freezer inventory, grocery list and blog social media chart.

Happy Crating and Organizing!

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Stampers with an Attitude ~ Kaleidoscope

Welcome to the Stampers with an Attitude Blog Hop!!  The Stampers with an Attitude is the team lead by Kimberly Moss.  This month the Stampers with an Attitude are going to be showcasing art work with the Kaleidoscope paper pack.

If you are just starting here or hopping here from MELINDA EVERITT ’S Blog  then you are in the right spot.  The blog hop is a great big circle, so you can start here and work your way around.  If you get lost along the way, you can find the complete list of participating consultant at the end of my blog.

I do really love Kaliedoscope, it is such a fun, bright and colorful paper pack!  Have you seen the Card Workshop on the Go for this paper pack?  LOVE IT!!  So perfect for making birthday cards and don’t we all always need birthday cards?   I know I do!!!  I have to admit I love the card designs but with all the pink and having two boys in the house that I need to make some a bit more boyish.  So what I wanted to show you that with just a couple minor changes you can make both boy and girl birthday card.

Kaleidoscope Card Workshop Card 1 ~ Catscrapbooking.comWith the first card I changed the cut of the B&T from 5 1/2 X 4 1/2″ to 5 1/4 X 4″.  I switched the gems for Enamel & Glitter Duo Blue Dots and pulled a bit of Chrystal Blue paper and ink.

Kaliedoscope Card Workshop Card 2 ~ CatScrapbooking.comFor this card the only change is switching Pixie for Crystal Blue and changing the gems to Enamel & Glitter Duos Blue Dots.

Kaliedoscope Card Workshop Card 3 ~ CatScrapbooking.comFor the third card it is switching the cardstock to Crystal blue, along with the ink and changing to the Enamel & Glitter Duo Blue Dots.

Now it is time to hop on over to the SHEILA BENNETT ’S Blog  and see what wonderful creation she has for you.  Here is the full list of participants:

Happy Crafting!

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Calendar Gifts with Studio J Part 2

Are you ready for two more months from my 2016 Calendars?  If you missed my post from Wednesday you can check it out HERE. Every year for Christmas I design four calendars, three are gifts and one to keep.  I was so excited to see how Amy Ulen designed her calendar using Studio J at Convention this year.  I really like our new My Creations Calendar Z3184 and it works perfectly with a new In Review C1622 stamp set.

2016 Calendar July ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comAmy Ulen shared her JPGs that had the months of the year and then I designed all the 12 x 12 layouts using the Zoe Papers.  However if you notice there are two Sorbet pattern papers but in the Zoe paper pack there is only one.  2016 Calendar July top ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comIf you notice the one I used as the base is actually Slate in the true Zoe paper pack.  So you may be asking how did I get it to be Sorbet?  Take a look at this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.17.51 AMYou can actually change the color of the pattern papers from full color to one of the colors in the paper pack.  Pretty nifty right???

2016 Calendar Dec ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comI really love the idea of using photos for Holidays and special occasions.

2016 Calender December ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comI used mostly the No Limits pattern in Studio J to create my layouts but you can certainly use any of the pattern.  I am so pleased the way these turned out and look forward to designing next years.

Happy Crafting!

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Calendar Gifts with Studio J Part 1

I have another gift idea I wanted to share with you.  I have been making a calendar every year for the past 10 plus years.  I started making one for the grandparents too four years ago.  I have done kits, designed my own and also used Shutterfly/Snapfish/Vista print.  I much prefer to do them myself but as you know that can be time consuming if you are completing four.

Well my problems were solved while I was at convention this year.  Amy Ulen who is so talented with Studio J shared a calendar she created using Studio J.  Brilliant!!! Create once print 4, then assemble 4!  Amy was also kind enough to share her JPGs files for the month titles, so all I had to do was the scrapbook page for each month.  I was able to get this done over Thanksgiving and now I am assembling.  I am going to share two of my months with you today and then another two on Friday.

2016 Calendar Jan ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbookingHere is my January.  I love how big the day squares are with our My Creations Calendar Z3184.  The new Year in Review C1622 stamp set works perfectly for those numbers.

2106 Calendar January ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comSo my whole calendar is using the Zoe paper pack.  Now if you know the Zoe paper you are probably asking right now where did the two pattern papers I show here come from?  Am I right??? Well the fabulous thing when you use Studio J you can actually change the pattern papers to any of the colors in that paper pack!!! Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.17.51 AMIf you go under paper, then under the pattern paper squares you select one of the other colors instead of full color you will get new pattern papers in the color you select.  So cool right!!

2016 Calendar May ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comFor most of my layouts I used the no limits pattern so I could design everything.  I also added smaller photo with date and events.  I did most of the holidays, birthdays and anniversary.  2016 Calendar May top ~ Studio J ~ Zoe ~ CatScrapbooking.comI really had a fun time creating these and it was so easy!

Stay tuned for my Part 2 of Studio J Calendars.

Happy Crafting!

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Santa Gift Card Holders

I decided to make my life a little easier this year with gift giving. All of family lives out of state so every year we need to ship gifts. My nieces and nephews for one of my brothers are getting to the age where finding the perfect gift is getting harder. So I decided they will have a gift card Christmas. Shipping will be a lot less. But of course I need to design something to put them in. I had seen some Santa belt style gift card holders on Pinterest. I decided to design my own.

Santa Gift Holder with tag ~ CatScrapbooking.comI used Artfully Sent envelope and to make the buckle I used Artbooking with a little welding with a basic shape. Here is the design space link to make the Gift Card holder. I grabbed a tag I had made prior which is using a retired Stamp of the Month Home for the Holiday S1410. I have to admit when I planned to make these I intended to use White Pines however I grabbed Ruby so I went with Yuletide.

Santa Gift Card Holder ~ CatScrapbooking.comI really love the way these turned out and it was so simple!!

Happy Crafting!

If you want to buy a bunch of Personalized Badge Holders to start crafting with, my friend did. She said she had a great time working with the materials to make them so lovely and Christmasy.

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Focus on Stamping Techniques

Welcome to the Focus on Stamping Techniques Blog Hop.


Today you will be hopping with the same talented consultants who bring you the Stamp of the Month blog hop.  We are featuring artwork which showcases various stamping techniques.  What are stamping techniques ~ Random Stamping, Base & Shade, Second Generation, Gradient Effect, Masking, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Dragging the stamp and Kissing.

If you are just arriving her from MELINDA EVERITT’S Blog, or just starting at my blog then you are on the right track ~ Welcome!  The blog hop is a great big circle, so you can start here and work your way around.  If you get lost along the way, you can find the complete list of participating  consultants on Melinda’s blog HERE.   For this hop we have 22 consultants participating so you are going to see some fabulous artwork.

I decided to use the Rock ‘n’ Roll technique. Stamping ~ Georgie ~ Baby Card ~ CatScrapbookingI took the alligator and inked it in Juniper, then I rolled it in Whisper.  I have to admit the rock ‘n’ roll  does not show up as well as I hoped in the photograph.  I also used this technique along the circle border.  I rolled the first 3-4 circles in Canary and then in Juniper.  Here is a closer photo which you can see the colors a little better.

Stamping Technique ~ Georgie ~ Baby card detail ~

Full list of supplies used:

Your next stop on the hop is  MICHELLE JONES’ Blog, so hop on over and see what wonderful creation she has for you today.

Happy Crafting!

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Everything ABC’s Blog Hop ~ Y

Welcome to the Everything ABC Blog Hop!

ABC's Blog HopFor this hop we will be featuring the letter “Y”.  This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment.  Whatever the crafter has chosen as their “Y” element will be featured in their post.

If you have just hopped onto my blog, welcome!  If you just hopped here from LINDA NORMAN’S Blog then you are in the right place.   The blog hop is a great big circle, so you can start here and work your way around.  If you get lost along the way, you can find the complete list of participating  consultants on Linda’s blog HERE.

The letter “Y” is a difficult letter but it is easier than some others.  We thought it would be great to introduce our son to sports and when a friend reached out saying her son would be playing and she would be coaching, we thought that would be great.  Well our expectaioan of 3-5 year old basket ball was not at all what I expected.  But the YMCA does a great job of just promoting sportsmanship and team building.  On my layout I also used some YARN to do the stitching and the bows. Then I used some of last YEARS fundamental papers.

ABC's Y ~ Basketball Layout ~ Fundamentals ~ CatScrapbooking.comHere is a closer look at each side.

ABC's Y ~ Basketball Layout Left ~ Fundamentals ~ CatScrapbooking.comI love the way I was able to incorporate so many photos on this page.  This truly showed how unfocused 4 year old are when it comes to basketball :-).

ABC's Y ~ Basketball Layout Right ~ Fundamentals ~ CatScrapbooking.comI love that this page highlights my son actually making a basket and then how happy he was with himself after.  I used the Basketball image from Artbooking, I then welded 4 together in Design Space to make the border.  I then repeated the process with the basketballs after hiding the contour of the grooves of the basketball.  To get the Awesome stamp multicolors I did a bit of making.

ABC's Y ~ Basketball layout detail ~ Fundamentals ~ CatScrapbooking.comTo create the two tone stamping for this one I fussy cut the Sunset pieces and adhered them over the Outdoor Denim.

Here is a full list of items used:

  • Paper packs ~ Scardey Cat (retired), Taste of Summer (retired), Enchantment Fundamental Paper pack
  • Cardstock ~ White Daisy, Indian Corn Blue (retired) and Outdoor Denim (retired)
  • Inks ~ Indian Corn Blue (retired), Outdoor Denim (retired) and Sunset
  • Stamp Set ~Team Player D1652
  • Cricut ~ Artbooking
  • Yarn ~ my stash

Now it is time to hop on over to LAUREN MOORE’S Blog and see what she has created for you today.

Happy Crafting!

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Color Dare #171 ~ Cranberry, Pear, Gold and White Daisy

Welcome to this weeks Color My Heart Color Challenge!  This week for Color Dare #171 we are featuring CRANBERRY, PEAR, GOLD & WHITE.

12182759_1666640680289390_217688051216951767_oI knew when I saw these colors I would be doing a Christmas card.  I have been seeing a lot of fabulous cards using the awesome White Pines Scrapbook Workshop on the Go stamp set.  I decided it was time to give it a try.

Color Dare 171 ~ White Pines WOTG Stamp ~ Christmas Card ~ CatScrapbooking.comI used Cranberry, Pear and White Daisy cardstock.  I used the Versamark pad to stamp then used gold embossing powder.  I added a bit of Gold Glitter paper.  I used the Artistry cartridge to cut the shape for the Christmas stamp and the holly leaves.  Both cuts are found on page 48.  I backed the holly leaves using the Green Shimmer trim.  I decided to just use the Red Gems for the holly instead of the cricut cut.  I also used the Confetti Embossing folder for the White Daisy cardstock.

Now it is your turn to create! Just create a project (card, layout or other craft project) using this weeks colors.  Then link them to the Color My Heart Blog ~ Color Dare #171  or you can post them to the COLOR MY HEART FaceBook page.  For this Color Dare Challenge, you have until Thursday December 10, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time to submit your project.   We love to see your inspirations.

Happy Crafting!

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Ornaments ~ Designer Creations Mini Frames

Have you seen the adorable Mini Frames in the Holiday Expressions Idea Book??  These are adorable frames which can not only be used in you scrapbook layouts but can also be used at gifts.  If you look on page 32 you can see how they show the frames as ornaments.  I love this idea and sold them at the craft fair and plan to give them as gifts.  They are fabulous as they hold a 2″ x 3″ photo.

Designer Creations Mini Frames ~ Ornaments ~ photo frames ~ CatScrapbooking.comI added a little Silver, Gold and Red Shimmer trim along with Fundamental Assortment Cranberry Z3101 bows.  I love these.Designer Creations Mini Frames 1 ~ Photo Ornaments ~ CatScrapbooking.comHere is the full list of supplies used:

Happy Crafting!

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December Stamp of the Month ~ Candlelight Garden

Welcome to the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!!  This month we are featuring December’s stamp of the month ~Candlelight Garden (S1512) a set of 10.DecSOTMIf you are coming here from  KATY TAYLOR’s Blog, then you are in the right spot ~ Welcome!  The blog hop is a great big circle, so you can start here and work your way around.  If you get lost along the way, you can find the complete list of participating  consultants on Melinda’s blog HERE.  This month we have approximately 32 consultants participating this month so you are sure to be inspired.11850498_10207959227644794_1283980212345920322_oI love these style of stamps as they are perfect for coloring whether it is with markers, watercolor paints, watercolor pencils or even just a blending pen with our inks the possibilities are endless.   I chose to use watercolors.

Candlelight Garden ~ December SOTM ~ Watercolor ~ CatScrapbooking.comI love the quote and though it would be fun to create a background using the quote.  I stamped the top one in first generation ink using Chocolate ink.  Then using second generation ink I continued to stamp the quote over and over until the Champagne cardstock was covered.  I used then used watercolors on Colonial white and fussy cut the jar and flowers.  I popped some of the flowers and leaves using both thin and regular foam tape.

Here is the full list of supplies used:

Your next stop is along this hop is PRISCILLA GOTHAM’s Blog, so hop on over and see what wonderful creation she has for you today.

Happy Crafting!

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