Santa Gift Card Holders

I decided to make my life a little easier this year with gift giving. All of family lives out of state so every year we need to ship gifts. My nieces and nephews for one of my brothers are getting to the age where finding the perfect gift is getting harder. So I decided they will have a gift card Christmas. Shipping will be a lot less. But of course I need to design something to put them in. I had seen some Santa belt style gift card holders on Pinterest. I decided to design my own.

Santa Gift Holder with tag ~ CatScrapbooking.comI used Artfully Sent envelope and to make the buckle I used Artbooking with a little welding with a basic shape. Here is the design space link to make the Gift Card holder. I grabbed a tag I had made prior which is using a retired Stamp of the Month Home for the Holiday S1410. I have to admit when I planned to make these I intended to use White Pines however I grabbed Ruby so I went with Yuletide.

Santa Gift Card Holder ~ CatScrapbooking.comI really love the way these turned out and it was so simple!!

Happy Crafting!

If you want to buy a bunch of Personalized Badge Holders to start crafting with, my friend did. She said she had a great time working with the materials to make them so lovely and Christmasy.

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