4 Double page Layout Zoe Workshop

Do you LOVE Zoe paper pack?? How would you like to complete FOUR yes four full double page layouts with an crazy amount of photos?  Well then you want to check out this workshop.  Susan Williams designed this fantastic workshop which she is sharing with all of her fellow consultants. In turn we can share it with you if you purchase the supplies to complete this layout.  Lets take a look then I will give you more information on how to get yours.

Susan Williams 4 page layoutsHere is Susan Williams extraordinary layouts and what you cant really see is on the first three there are folding photo galleries which give you the ability to add even more photos to you layout and add some interaction with your layouts.

I wanted to show you what my layouts looked like once they were completed.  I did make a couple of changes to meat my needs, this is what is great as you can always tailor any layout to meet your needs. Here is my version of layout number one.

Zoe Layout 1 Cat's Version full ~ Susan Williams Workshop ~ catscrapbooking.comI still need to add my title to the right side. If you want to see what the folding gallery, which is on the right page tied with the twine, looks like for this layout click HERE.

Here is layout number two:

Zoe Layout 2 Cat's Version full ~ Susan Williams Workshop ~ Catscrapbooking.comThis layout also has a folding gallery on the right tied with the twine and you can check out the detail HERE.

Here is layout number three:

Zoe Layout 3 Cat's version ~ Susan Williams Workshop ~ catscrapbooking.comThere are two folding galleries on the left page which are tied with a bow. You can see what it looks like expanded HERE.

This is the last layout of this workshop.Zoe Layout 4 Cat's Version ~ Susan Williams Workshop ~ catscrapbooking.comThis layout does not have any folding galleries, but it is just as awesome.

SO DO YOU WANT THIS WORKSHOP??  Here is the list of supplies you will need and when you place an order on my website for these items I will email you the COMPLETE Workshop Guide which includes color photos of the layouts and folding galleries, cutting guides and tips.

  • Zoe Paper Pack X7197B
  • Zoe Complements X7197C
  • Glacier Extra Thick Twine Z3039
  • Enamel & Glitter Duos Green Triangles Z3123
  • (10) Kraft Cardstock Z1375
  • (3) White Daisy
  • Alphabet Stamp Set of you choosing for the titles

Please email me if you have any questions about this workshop.

Happy Crafting!

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