My New Craft Room part 1

Well I can now officially say I am settled in, since my craft room is now set up. I was really spoiled with my last craft room with the size of it but the view of from this one is better. I now can look out the window and see the back yard and beyond, where as at the last house my window was under the deck so not much of a view. Unfortunately the lighting in the last and this one are not the best. I will say I do have more natural light coming in but over all the lighting is not great and I hope to improve in the future. I am certainly not complaining as I am just happy to have the space. A friend of mine recommended a Bissell vacuum cleaner to compliment my new room as that’s what she uses to keep her craft room tidy and clean. Here is the company website. I am going to walk you through my craft room and how I organize it. So lets get started….

Craft Room Make-over overviewSo as you can see everything is out of the boxes and I had to add a little extra to this room – a playroom. Gavin got a new train table for his birthday and the only place it could go was here. I hope this arrangement works and allows me a bit more time in my craft room while Gavin keeps busy 🙂

Craft Room Make-over overview 2I used all the space I could including the exposed studs. I mounted a light, hung the baby monitor, and used it as a shelf for all my CTMH Inks so they are at eye level.

I changed my table last year so that it is one I stand at instead of sitting. I really like this as I can move and reach everything I need and not feel sedentary. My table is actually composed of 5 pieces. Here is a look at each of them.

Craft Room Make-over - Table endThe two ends are bookshelves I purchased at Walmart, if memory serves me correctly. They give me a bit more space for books and other items. The other side has all my how-to-books, sketches and magazines.

Craft Room Make-over table middle This is the center part – they are two rolling carts I purchased at Michaels. Each unit holds 7 of the 12 x 12 paper bins and I can then stack a few more on top. I keep all my non CTMH papers in these and they are divided based on colors and then common themes. What I mean by common themes? There are certain papers I love to scrapbook ~ Halloween/Fall, Christmas/Winter, Boy and pets; so I have bins with the papers that fit these themes.

Craft Room Make-over Table topMy top is actually a melamine covered board I purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. We then added trim to the edges but unfortunately the movers damaged it so I will have to re-do some of the trim. On my table top I use a cork pad as it helps to keep small items from sliding a round. I also have my new CTMH All- purpose mat on the left. I also keep my current catalog out so I can reference easily.

Craft Room Make-over shelves lowThis is my new piece of furniture – Kallax shelving from Ikea. These shelves are great as they do hold 12 x 12 paper. As you can see this is what I used to store below. It works perfectly for my Silhouette and Cricut on top.

Craft Room Make-over_printer shelvesI used this shelving to house all my Sterilite sheaves which I have had for years. The bottom shelf hold some of my non-CTMH stamp sets and adhesives. The middle shelf is my glitter, heat embossing, photo paper, cards, and blocks. This shelf works great for my printer and large paper cutter which sit on top.

Craft Room Make-over_middle backThis is in between the the two long shelves behind my desk. These are from Michaels and the bottom one I use for scrap pieces of my CTMH cardstock. I will save my scraps providing they are of a usable size and they work great when you just need a piece for a card or on a layout. In the open cube I have retired CTMH paper. On top of this stack are two plastic drawers which hold my Stickles and re-inkers.

Well this is the first part of my new craft room, stay tuned as I will post part two later this week. If you have questions about how I organize things please let me know.

Happy Crafting!