Starting Over

Well we have arrived in Colorado and the movers finally arrived yesterday. We had originally though they would be here on Wednesday but better late than never. We have been working over 12 hours the past two days to get everything put away. The good news it the house is beginning to really feel like home and we have almost tackled all the boxes. When we have moved in the past the movers have assisted in unpacking, as it is part of the move package. My friend is Moving in Houston
and she told me about a great company she used. If you’re thinking of moving, make sure you use a reliable company! We were told that would be the case this time; however, they did not unbox a single box. So that made it a bit more difficult but we rose to the challenge and have made a huge dent. There are only a few areas that need to be unpacked and one is my craft room. I am hoping to begin tackling it tomorrow when Gavin goes down for his nap. I though I would share my journey with you, showing you the before and after photos. I am also going to show how I organize some of my craft supplies along the way. So lets start with the before pictures.

Before photo 1

Before photo 2As you can probable tell my craft space is smaller and it is not a nice finished room like I had last time. But that is okay as I have a craft space and I have more natural light in this room. I will make the most of it and it gives me the opportunity to reorganize it which is something I love to do. It is taking all of my power not to go down and hit it hard. Unfortunately my body is exhausted and I am moving slow so I will need to take a break and resume tomorrow afternoon. I will post photos of my progress and show how I organize things.

Happy Crafting!



  1. Debbie Sage says

    I am looking for a CTMH rep in my area, which is Arvada, CO. I’ve viewed your website and like what I see. When do you think you will begin hosting again since you literally just moved to Colorado?

  2. Debbie – I am hoping to be able to start offering workshops in October. That being said I would by more than happy to meet you before and show you some of the products and answer any questions. Please email me at