Moving is in Full Swing

I cannot believe we are already to move week.  The movers arrived wasted no time packing everything up.  One of the guys started in my craft room and 29 boxes later I am left with only a shell.  I don’t think he was paying me a complement when he was stating how many boxes there were 🙂 .  All that remains is my printer, phone and furniture 🙁 .    It is so sad to see it in this condition….
My craft room

We will be leaving Spokane this week and head to Colorado.  I am very excited and sad at the same time.  I am really going to miss having my girls come to the house for workshops.   I am still planning to offer workshops for those who are still interested; however, they will be ones you can do at home with detailed directions, cutting guides and photos.  Once I get settled I will start workshops up again for anyone in the Golden/Arvada CO area who is interested.

I will say one good thing that comes from a major move like this, is it gives me the opportunity to reorganize my craft room.  Every time I am able to reorganize my craft room I get inspired and find some hidden treasures 🙂  I will post some photos of my new digs and explain how I organize things.  I will warn you then new room may get more natural light than this one, it is an unfinished basement.  There is a concrete slab and insulation on the walls but I will not get to decorate the walls yet…  Hopefully we will get to finish off the basement in a year or two.

So until we get settled I will not have as many posts as I would like.  I do have some thing I have already completed and will be sharing over the next two weeks. So stay tuned.

Happy Crafting!



  1. Good luck with your move and your new room will be bigger and better!