Big News!!!

My family and I are Colorado bound!!!


This has all come about rather quickly and I was really hoping to have time to let all my local customers know in person.  I was able to let many of my local people know this past weekend at my Open House and Crop.  But in case you were not able to make it here is the scoop.

This move all came about rather quickly.  My husband was offered a promotion and a great opportunity in Golden Colorado.  He was offered the position on July 18th and unofficially started on July 21st.   We decided we need to get the house on the market right away as we would be going on vacation Aug 1-7 and this would be a great time to have the house on the market and all the showings.  I knew it was going to next to impossible keeping the house neat with a toddler running around :-).  So we had the realtor come out on July 23rd to take photographs and we completed the paperwork.   About two hours after she left we had our first terrible windstorm!!! It was like there was a 20 minute hurricane.  We had some minor damage, almost took out a tree and lost power.  Needless to say the first two days the house was on the market we had no power.  The first call for a showing came in on Friday the 25th.  We luckily got power back on before they came.  We had three groups come through the house between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.   On Friday night we already had an offer!! SO one week after the job offer we had our house under contract and set to close the end of August!  Wow that could not be working out any better.

My husband came home Friday night and we realized with the house under contract and our vacation in one week when would we have time to go look for a house????  So we decided we would leave on Monday for CO.  I would go house hunting while he worked.  We would then head from CO to Florida for my Family get together.  We were able to find a house on the first day!  We did manage to have a great time in Florida despite learning of a second major wind and lightning storm blowing thru which resulted in fires just up the road and more severe winds.  We returned on Aug 7th  to find the house in good shape but the tree that was damaged from the first storm was likely going to have to come out.

I had one week to finish preparing for the Open House and Crop which was Aug 16th.  Everything went well and I was so pleased to see everyone before we have to go.  Now I am down to the final week and a half roughly.  This week I will be running so errands and trying to see some more friend.   Then it is crunch time.  The movers will be arriving on Aug 25th and we are gone on Aug 28th…. Yikes!  No mind you my husband is having to leave every Monday and fly to Denver every week so I am left holding the fort.  I will say my crafting is what is keeping me sane with the continued storms, power outages and move preparations.

I want everyone to know I am planning to continue to offer my workshops but will need to figure out when and who would like to come now that I will be in the Arvada/Golden CO area.  Now have no fear for those of you who do not live in the CO area,  I am going to be offering my workshops as kits, so you can do them at home.  In the past I have included a color photo and some directions but these will be much more involved.  You will be able to find my kits by going to the workshops and kits page then clicking on the link listed by the particular paper pack.  I will be putting them up as they are ready.  In the past I have offered the kits for that particular month, but now they will be available for several months.  This way you can save on shipping by combining the kits. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions ~

Sorry for the long post – Happy Crafting!