Getting Ready for Convention

Words cannot begin to explain my excitement for this week.  I have been wanting to attend the CTMH convention since becoming a consultant in 2012.  The first year I joined I was not aware there was a convention until I started seeing consultants talk about it on Facebook.  Last year I wanted to go but was not really sure what we would do with our son since we don’t have any family local and my husband would need to work.  This fall I talked to my husband and we agreed I would go to this convention and we would have he parents come up to help.  So here we are …. My in-laws are here and I leave for Disneyland in two days!!!!  I have never been to Disneyland, since I grew up in the south we vacationed in Florida so I got to go to Disney World two times but that was 35 plus years ago.  I am a big kid at heart and always have been so I can’t wait.

So I learned over the past two years that convention goers make cards to swap and gifts for their roommates.  I completed my roommate gifts a while ago and I was trying to decide on my swap cards.  I choose Lollydoodle as it is so bright and happy.  I decided to do the hexagon flower design as my swap card.  I spoke with another consultant who has been to convention before to learn how many cards to make.  She suggested 150 – wow that is a lot of cards. I ended up making 120 which was still a ton.

Hexagon Swap Cards_4439a

I will remember for next time that the cards I make will not have as many little pieces that need to be scored.  Each card has six hexagons which each needed to be scored.  This photo is only enough to complete 25 flowers.  I has to score 720 hexagons – but I did it!

Hexagon Swap Cards_4437b

I used Cotton Candy as the base hexagon.  I used Whisper cardstock which I embossed with the dots folder.  Close to My Heart no longer carries brads so I picked some up a local craft store.

Hexagon Swap Cards_4435b

Here is the final card.  I used Joyful Birthday B1419 for the sentiment and used Cotton Candy ink.

I hope to make some great trades and meet some wonderful women.

Happy Crafting!



  1. Lisa Bzibziak says

    Your card was one of my favorites from swapping! Love it and I’ve not seen that idea before with the hexagons! Great card. Thanks for swapping!

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