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This garage sale has just about consumed all my time and zapped my brain – or is that my 2 1/2 year old.  Anyway sorry for the error with my previous post about Picture My Life.  I had started it then got pulled away and never got to go back and finish.  So here is take two…  I will be so glad once I make it to Saturday and this garage sale is over.

I have to be honest in saying I was not sure if I would like the Picture My Life style of scrapbooking.  I know a lot of people really like it so I figured it was time to give it a try.  It was simple choosing my cards to use even though there were 48 different designs.  I then picked my photos and assembled.  Being a traditional scrapbooker the hardest thing for me to adjust to was the cards are sufficient to stand on their own.  What I mean is there is not a need to add a lot of additional embellishments.  I did add a few with the Later Sk8r stickerease and some of the Blue and Green Epoxy Bubble.

Later Sk8er PML 1 ~catscrapbooking.com

The bottom left card is the one I embellished.

Later Sk8er PML 2 ~catscrapbooking.com

For this layout the only card I embellished was also the bottom left card.

Later Sk8er PML 3 ~catscrapbooking.com

With this layout I did not add anything to the layout.

Later Sk8er PML 4 ~catscrapbooking.com

And with this final layout I added a couple stickerease to the bottom middle card.  It was really easy to complete 4 layout once I let go of the fact I did not need to over embellish 🙂  I have to admit I liked using the Picture My Life collection!

There are eight different collections – Later Sk8r, Chantilly, Laughing Lola, Avonlea, Babycakes, Surf’s Up, Skylark, and Balloon Ride.   The collections are $24.95 and include the following:

44 – 4″ × 6″ Cards (2 each of 22 designs)
78 – 3″ × 4″ Cards (3 each of 26 designs)
1 – 12″ × 12″ Designed Cover Sheet
10 – 12″ × 12″ Memory Protectors™ (various designs)

Happy Crafting!


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