Blowing Bubbles Isn’t Just for Kids

Are you one of those people who thinks blowing bubble is just for kids? I know I love bubbles and have enjoyed introducing them to my son.  Well did you know you can use them in your scrapbooking projects? A friend of mine sent me a photo on Instagram of this technique.  The timing could not have been better as I was planning a few scrapbook layouts at the time.  I was actually stumped on what I wanted to do for a layout of my son in the bath tub sporting a fauxhawk.  Now I had the perfect solution.

So I started playing around with the store bought bubble solutions we had and added a few drops of re-inker; then went to blowing bubble onto my white cardstock.  The problem was the bubble would not actually form or stay formed to land on the paper so it ended up looking like a big splatter of color with lots of little dots. So I decided to make my own bubble solution which worked fabulously.

Bubbles Recipe:

  • 1/4 cup of baby shampoo
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 3 tablespoons of light corn syrup

I then added a small amount of bubbles to a shallow bowl and added a few drops of re-inker.  For this project I used Pacifica, Honey and Topiary.

Bubbles layout_paper ~

Here is a close up

Bubbles layout_paper

I have been using Studio J to print my photos so I select my photos I want to use then use Studio J to print the photos to the appropriate size once I design the layout.  So I will design a bunch of layouts then print all the photos.  So This layout is all ready all I have to do is drop the photos in when they arrive.  Stay tuned as I will be posting more about how to do this.

Bubbles layout

I used the stitch guide to create the circles and some floss I have to add the hand stitching.

Happy Crafting!

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