Christmas Wrapping

I decided we would assist Santa Claus in being more environmentally friendly.  Since we are establishing our family traditions with our son, we decided one of the things we would try to do is cut back on the wrapping paper used.  To do this we would provide Santa Clause with some Christmas sacks and a few Christmas sheets to help him wrap the more cumbersome gifts.  So I dusted off my sewing machine and got to sewing.  I purchased several yard of festive fabric and some ribbon to make these items. Here is the finished product.Christmas Sacks-1

No I am not really that far ahead that Santa has already arrived.   I used some of Gavin’s existing toys to demo how the new sacks and sheets would work.  I am actually very excited about this and if needed next year I will make some more.  The sacks are really very simple it is basically a yard of fabric sewn together.  The tutorial I found wanted you to use elastic and 2 1/2 inch ribbon.  When I went shopping for that I could not find the ribbon in that width.  So I improvised.  I used ribbon which was one inch and sewed it onto the back of the sack.  Then allowed for enough ribbon to tie a bow with some long tails.

Christmas Sack

Here is a close up of one of the sacks.  I am actually really excited about this idea and will probably make more next year.  Maybe we will go to having all our gifts in sacks.

Happy Holidays and happy crafting!

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