How Would You Like to Get Free Procuct?


I know everyone likes to get things for FREE, well what if I told you you could receive FREE Close To My Heart product?  Well you can…. I am starting a Monthly Hostess Club.  What is this you ask?  This is just a “virtual” type club. We don’t physically meet anywhere. It’s just a way if you like our products to order each month and then one of the months you earn FREE product without having to do anything. Here are the details:

* You are committing to a minimum monthly order is only $25 (plus shipping & tax) per month for 6 months

* Each month you will take turns being the Hostess.  You will earn $25 in FREE Close To My Heart product when it your turn to be the hostess.

* Are you are wanting those exclusive Hostess Rewards Stamp sets well you can use your $25 in FREE product to get those stamp sets. It can also be used for stamp sets, paper packets, ink pads, markers, cardstock, acrylic blocks and more.

* As an added bonus I will give you the month you are the Hostess the Stamp Of The Month for FREE

* When it is your month you can collect outside orders from friends and family to increase the amount of FREE goodies you get.  Those sales would count towards your Hostess Month.

* What better way to get the product you love and do it on a monthly basis so you can budget your supplies.

Are you ready to sign up?

Here is how it works:

*All orders should be sent to me via e-mail by the 12th of each month!! I total up your order and let you know the total- the total should be paid by the 15th of the month.  Orders can be paid via PayPal OR with a credit card that I keep on file.

*Orders are processed and shipped straight to YOU as soon as you pay for your order. No more waiting for the whole group, or waiting for me to get it then ship it to you. This also saves you on shipping costs!

The Monthly Hostess Club will run August 2013 through January 2014.

Please email me at to get you signed up for this wonderful opportunity to earn FREE Close to My Heart product!!


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